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As The Training Guy, I focus on developing new instructors, content developers, and managers that make up a strong, united team.  Much like a Da Vinci bridge, each member of a team is essential to the structure and support of the whole.

Jeremy Robb has had experience managing learning teams within multiple industries, from Academia to the private sector, and has built training programs from the ground up.  His dedication to the art of instruction shows in his dedication to the growth of his teams and the advancement of new methods that engage learners through inclusion.


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Jeremy Robb


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Developing a training team that engages learners through inclusion fosters skills within the workplace.  Excellence is achieved when folks not only have the skills they need, but feel they are trusted to use them.

Be Inclusive

The Global Pandemic taught the world something:  Not everyone is comfortable with the same level of risks.  Inclusion within training and education means not only providing self-service content, but also providing a live learning experience that engages everyone at their comfort level. 

Chart Your Course

Everyone has different learning needs, which means not all training paths are equal!  Having a flexible training regimen for your learners means they can have the required skills for their job, and have the opportunity to build skills for their career path.

Collaborate for Success

True understanding comes from discussion, which expands learning opportunities by building on what someone knows and how they understand.  Collaboration between learners is more important than hearing a lecture or watching a video.


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