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We built this company with the idea that everyone needs to not only know what makes a great leader or instructor, but also how to put those skills into practice in a practical way.  Guidance needs to be applicable, or it’s just wishful thinking.  We build a learning experience that takes you through the process, learning skills along the way that can be applied immediately, thus cementing the learning experience.  



Jeremy Robb


With a dedication to learning through compassion and inclusion, Jeremy began his learning experience getting a BA in History, with an emphasis in Classics, Anthropology, and Ancient History.   Insights from his studies of human behavior came in handy throughout his career with several Universities, Fortune 500 companies, and various start-ups.  He’s learned not only how to teach inclusively, but also how to lead with compassion.

Throughout his career as an Instructor for the several universities, he has been a Master Trainer, Training Manager, and Head of Training and Enablement. With a Masters in Adult Education and Distance Learning and an MBA in Leadership, Jeremy has the knowledge and experience to share techniques that will get results.  

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“Every member of a team or a class is like a piece in a da Vinci bridge, we all support each other”

The Crew

A Team You Can Rely On

No one can do everything on their own.  The team here at Robbclan Productions is dedicated to making the best possible learning experience for everyone.